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Colin Dussault Blues Project Band

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COLIN DUSSAULT'S BLUES PROJECT - The original band as it appeared in May of 1989. The group played its first show at the Ultimate Sports Bar on Detroit Ave. in Lakewood, Ohio. The band consisted of (left to right) Alden Kimbrell, Jim Feeney, Colin Dussault, and Wayne Strick.



COLIN DUSSAULT "DUECE" has been singing, playing harmonica and leading his own band since May 1989. In that time he has had many of Cleveland's finest musicians pass through his ranks. This lineup of the band is the culmination of many years of gigging and is in his opinion one of the best he has ever had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. Colin's biggest influences range from Frank Zappa and Tenacious D, to Paul Butterfield, Leonard Nimoy ("Proud Mary") and William Shatner ("Mr. Tambourine Man" "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"). Colin Enjoys listening to National Public Radios' "Prairie Home Companion" on nights off when he and his band are doubled booked by careless club owners. He also enjoys reciting complete vocal passages from Frank Zappa albums (particularly Frank Zappa & the Mothers "Live at the Fillmore East 1971"-with Flo & Eddie" to crowds of unsuspecting conservatives! Mud Sh Sh Shark! Colin's favorite quotes from Fred are" What in the Army?" and "Homicide huh? I didn't kill anybody" (exhale).



Bing Crosby

JIM FEENEY has been the lead guitar player standing next to Colin on stage since the very first gig took place on May 13, 1989. Jim studied Jazz at Cleveland State University and wrote a book on the "History of Jazz in Cleveland." Jimmy plays a 1972 TELECASTER and cites Count Basie's guitarist Freddie Green as a major influence on his playing style. He is the proud father of a beautiful baby girl who was born on July 18, 2001. Jimmy Feeney is the quiet one of the group. But don't let his "Ward Cleaver-like, guy next door demeanor" fool you. sure he looks and acts like one of the "Darling's" from the Andy Griffith show but the band calls Jimmy the "Prince of Darkness". When we announce and introduce him as the "Prince of Darkness" James steps up and unleashes unto the world a heavy metal guitar solo from hell the likes of which heretofore have never been known to mortal man. This solo kicks the crowds' collective asses! Then, just when the crowd, whose asses have been amply kicked, are ready for more he quietly steps back and continues riffing on the tasty, barley audible chordings he has become famous for. Jimmy's Death Metal solo is exactly two and half minutes long. This is as much Death Metal as one can listen to before he or she wants to kill their pets, mame their parents and siblings or devote the rest of their lives to the service of the Dark Lord. Please do not attempt Death Metal solos at home, tamper with or listen to Carpenters LP's or mess with Ouija boards. These are all dangerous items and should only be dealt with by trained professionals.

Brent on a trainBrent on a trainBrent on a train
Brent on a train




BRENT “Freght Train” LANE is the newest member of the band. He joined CDBP on keys full time in September 2017. Lane is a highly skilled and versatile keyboardist,
piano player and photographer. He has some giant shoes to fill as he is replacing long time keyboardist Greg Hurd. But this has been no problem for Brent who brings with him 20 years of experience along with endorsements from Hammond, Casio and Harmon JBL Professional.
     A frequent visitor and performer at NAMM shows he has jammed with some of the greats including P-Funk, Earth Wind & Fire and Bootsy Collins. He is also frequently seen at area jam nights working with Alan Greene, Crazy Marvin, Butch Armstrong and other area musical stalwarts.
    His love of trains (“Ooh Train!”) inspired his nickname in the band. The band has dubbed him “Freight Train.” He earned this moniker almost immediately. On one of his very first gigs with the band, which took place on the Goodtime III Cruise Ship Lane suddenly stopped playing in the middle of a tune as the boat slowly snaked its way up the Cuyahoga River. The band members all looked over to see why there were no longer any keyboards and why there was such a gap in the sound. What they found was that Brent had abandoned his keys and was instead leaning over the railing beside him. He was craning his neck looking out the windows tyring to take a photograph of a train that was on the shores of the Cuyahoga River as the boat was passing by. When we pressed him for an explanation for this dereliction of duty, Freight Train replied; “I saw a train.” Colin queried further by asking “what kind of train? Did you see an amazing steam engine like Lincoln’s funeral train? Was it the Wabash Cannonball? Could it have been train that Casey Jones wrecked while “high on cocaine? “Tell me it was The Little Fucking Train That Could, or some other historically significant locomotive!!!” Freight Train replied in earnest; “No, it was the Norfolk and Southern Nickel Plate Road #8100 Heritage Crossing the Cuyahoga River. “ We all said “oh!” Colin finished the conversation by saying; “Don’t ever do that again!” (We all know he will do that again!) We also collectively all gasp “Ooh Train” whenever we have a train reference in a song.
    Prior to joining forces with Colin Dussault and his band the Euclid, Ohio native who grew up in Kirtland and now resides in Mentor, has worked with Eastwind,  Stone Pony, Ted Riser, Motor City Gold, Club Rock and the infamous “B-Team” with Fredo Perez-Stable, Tom Prebish, John Atzberger and Paul Ross (The 3,184th greatest singer in Cleveland-according to Robbie The Roadie).
     Freight Train has augmented the sound of the band nicely since joining the island of mis-fit toys full time.
    If the band is late to a gig from time to time you can blame Freight Train. He has a tendency to ask us to pull the band van over to the side of the road to so he can snap photographs of trains, rail yards and depots that we happen to pass by or that he knows are coming up on our routes to shows. OOOOOOH TRAIN!






Juggle Sticks

White Socks


STEVE ZAVESKY “SLICK” Our new drummer Slick, joined the band on the island of misfit toys in June of 2014 after Fredo Perez-Stable went legit, became a civilian and took a day job jack! Slick will tell you that he resides in “Seven Hills,” but don’t let him fool you HE IS REALLY FROM PARMA, OHIO!

Slick comes in and fills the drum throne once occupied by Fredo-Perez-Stable who brilliantly drove the band since 2006. And while Slick may appear to be the “new guy” he really isn’t so “new” after all. He has been around collaborating and sitting in with Colin and his band mates since 1988.

Back in the fall of 1988, Slick had just finished College and was considering joining the Incredible Sanzini Brother’s Circus from Europe. The Sanzini’s were captivating audiences the world over with feats of illusion and dazzlement. The troupe featured the brother’s Gustov, Adolph, Rip Off, Rudolph and Jack! Slick was a first round draft choice as the Sanzini’s equilibristic, juggling, vaulting and drumming mega star specializing in unicycle, rola bola and turning his body along its long, medium and short axes. (He also possesses unparalleled gyroscopic juggling, devil stick, Diablo, bee bearding, wheel of death and plate spinning skills but these are topics for another day).

In the early 90’s Slick joined the ranks of gigging Cleveland timekeepers by working with a wide variety of original, blues and 60’s style bands. All of these experiences helped Slick create and develop his unique style and great ear. He was a founding member of the band Jandrix, which concentrated on the music of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. He worked on occasion with Jimmy Feeney, Chris Boros, Greg Hurd and Fred Tobey (all of whom worked and work with Colin Dussault). He also sat in on percussion with the Sky Dogs playing alongside Fredo Perez-Stable in that band. Interestingly enough, Slick would go on to replace Fredo in several other bands in the years to come. Additionally, Colin actually jammed with Slick who was drumming for Morrison Hotel when he played harmonica with the infamous Doors tribute act one morning live on the Jim Chenot Morning program on Akron’s 97.5 WONE FM in 1995.

Slick eventually went on to replace Fredo Perez-Stable in the Grateful Dead influenced JMiller Band when Fredo left that post to eventually work his way into Colin Dussault’s Blues Project. After JMiller, Slick worked in several blues, 60’s , SRV Tribute, hippie, original, classic rock, wedding and polka bands which kept his drum chops sharp and his sock drawers full of white socks and pierogies. These gigs kept his skills sharp and his breath smelling like onions until Slick got the nod to bring his white socks & polish dumpling breath with him to once again fill Fredo Perez-Stable’s shoes in Colin Dussault’s Blues Project (well that is not exactly true since Fredo NEVER wore shoes! But that, like Slick’s flirtations with circus immortality is a topic for another day).

Slick has been with the band since June 2014, but he has been our friend, contemporary and partner in crime since the very beginning. When it came time to replace the shoeless, Cuban Pal Of Ours on the drums we did not have to look very far for Slick. It is comforting to know that we were able to “keep it in the family.” Slick has been around so long that it only took him 2 weeks of riding in the band van to crack, decipher and understand Robbie The Roadie’s brilliant ramblings! That alone is as impressive as Slick’s mastery of the circus Wheel Of Death (Space Wheel), whistling, Bee Bearding and drumming skills.







JOHN ATZBERGER “RED” or “REED”* Has been playing professional bass guitar since 1977. In that time he has played copious local schools and clubs, opening for notable regional acts like American Noise and Moonlight Drive. Red/Reed was the bass player in the acclaimed Led Zeppelin Tribute Act ZOSO from 1985-1992. ZOSO worked the Hanna Theatre, Peabody’s Down Under and many other area clubs building a huge following and creating a cult following. Red/Reed has recorded 2 albums with Echo Grove and lists a 20 year tenure with Kathleen Turner Overdrive (with the best singer in Cleveland-Paul Ross) among his many accomplishments. In addition to being a talented back up vocalist and tenacious gear loader, he has also toured extensively with acclaimed guitarist Mark Brennan as a duo and with Story Road. With over 38 years of professional experience under his bass strap, Red/Reed is excited about joining forces with Colin Dussault’s Blues Project. He especially loves Robbie the Roadie’s infinite wisdom and unique take on life. Red/Reed officially joined the band on Sunday, November 22, 2015 and made his debut with the band at the Beachland Ballroom on that date during a performance at the Carlos Jones Tribute Concert. Welcome aboard Red/Reed!
* After being in the band only 20 minutes, Red received his new nickname from Robbie The Roadie. Robo kept asking; “where’s Reed? Is Reed coming? Why is not Reed in the band van yet Pal ‘O Mine? Where is Reed?” It took us all another 20 minutes to figure out what the hell Robo was talkin’ about. Then it hit us! He was calling Red, “Reed.” So, he is now known as “Reed” within the band. Severious nickaname changing indeed, courtesy of Robo!



ROBBIE GREEN (aka Robbie the Roadie, Robo, Robobeeto, Dali Robbie, El Toro Roho, Slow Bo To Hudson, Lamp Shade Greene, Robbie Berra) Robo has been helping Colin and his band since 1993. He loads gear, sells CDs, hands out schedules, makes sure the band has drinks a plenty on stage and is an integral part of the group. He is our version of Ian Stewart only without the piano. Oh did we mention that Robbie dances as well? If you've been to a show then you already know that though don't ya. He is like a little brother to the band and without him the shows could never go on! Keep asking the pretty girls to dance Robo, the band's got your back. If Robo is not dancing there will be some serious questions asked!