Side Projects

Jim Colin & Eroc Accoustic

COLIN DUSSAULT'S ACOUSTIC SIDE PROJECT is comprised of three of Northeast Ohio's busiest and most accomplished band leaders. This trio features harmonica player/vocalist COLIN DUSSAULT, guitarist/vocalist JIM TIGUE (whose credits include Tye Dye Harvest/Wish You Were Here & Sugar Magnolia) and bassist/vocalist EROC SOSINSKI (Michael Stanley Band, Wish You Were Here, Tye Dye Harvest Midlife Chryslers & Sugar Magnolia). With over 65 years combined experience on stage as professional performers these three artists perform acoustic versions of classic rock, blues, country and folk tunes with a strong emphasis on three part harmonies. COLIN DUSSAULT'S ACOUSTIC SIDE PROJECT is perfect for any occasion where great music is called for.

FOR BOOKING INFORMATION: Contact Colin Dussault via email at: or by calling 216 221-5288.

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